Ricardo’s Alphabet Gameboard



Ricardo’s at,et,it,ot,ut Grid






Ricardo’s English Word Grid

Volume 1 Reference Book


Learn the ABC’s with Ricardo Reading Mouse®


Read, Write & Spell

ABC Workbooks

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Educational Games

ABC Flash Cards and Games


  • Great for fine motor skills
  • Adult supervision needed (cutting is required)
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Volume 1 Reference Book
Floormat Classroom Activity Set



• 310 piece classroom or home use
• 2.2m x 1.5m good quality vinyl mat
• 9 vinyl word family endings’ titles
• 230 durable flippable word and picture cards
• Plus movable coloured squares
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• Engaging • Enjoyable • Essential Literacy resource


ABC Songs with Ricardo Reading Mouse® Album



Lyrics Only

ABC Songs with Ricardo Reading Mouse®

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Ricardo’s ABC Poster

Ricardo poster

Ricardo’s ABC poster

4 colour bundle



ABC, Vowel and Consonant 

Animated Song Videos

ABC Talking Books, Out and About Letters

plus lots more!

ABC Handwriting Lessons Online


Animated Videos Uppercase and Lowercase


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