‘I enjoyed the ‘Let’s Get School-Ready! course very much.  I think there were a lot of useful tips for parents of young children. I found the first modules on bouncing balls and balancing particularly interesting and intend to try out some of the activities with my girls.  I think the information on reading was also helpful.  I liked how you explained the importance of each of the topics and how they all connect to further skills.’

Regards Sharyn, Greenbank, Queensland, Australia



I have done the ‘one minute challenge’ with my students after instruction to remediate letter formation. It has worked in helping students gain automaticity in their letter writing, so that when they are writing texts, they are quicker at writing texts. The students working memory has become freed up for organising written texts.

-Textbook is Modern Handwriting, Victorian Cursive.


D.D,  Australian Grade 3 Teacher,  ages 7-9yo


D.D. was one of the attendees, at one of Melissa’s online Twinkl Teach Australia Teacher PD webinars: ‘Handwriting in the 21st Century’ in June 2019

My 3yo daughter really likes and engages well with the Ricardo Reading Mouse® ABC book! It’s great
to know there are complimentary songs and an app to build upon it as we go along.
As a parent, I like to see my daughter enjoying a book; as an OT, I like to know that she’s learning so
much more than just the ABC and that her love of learning will help her throughout life.
Great resources and would highly recommend them to parents, Occupational Therapists and teachers.


Jennie – Occupational Therapist, Brisbane

“The children have been testing Ricardo’s Letter N Word Grid™ app and they love it. Rebekah is enjoying the new songs the most.

I also wanted to share with you, that I used ‘Learn to Read and Spell with Ricardo’s English Word Grid™ Volume 1 Reference Book’ to show our education officer (as we homeschool our children) And she was so thrilled to see it. I shared with her how it has helped both Levi and Rebekah to start reading and spelling.


Ben and Leah and children – Levi, Rebekah and Samuel




“Hi, Melissa. Wish you a good day. I read your website, your products are quite interesting and attractive. I like it, and I think China market will warmly welcome such interesting products. I’m using your Ricardo Mouse English APP and will introduce to some of my friends who’s also young mother and will gather their feedback.”

Gabriella and Sarah, Guangzhou, China



“You truly made an excellent work with Ricardo. It was a pleasure playing it myself.
As for students’ feedback, I assure you they are thrilled. I shall use it with my English Remedy group
(second and third graders who are new or still having difficulties with their English skills & go to an English
Remedy group once a week).


As for your amazing Ricardo app – some student feedback:
– My students loved the clear pronunciation of titles and instructions (they actually struggled to pronounce
words in the same way);
– their favourite was the I hear game, they said they loved the images;
– The smaller ones enjoyed the Hidden Letters game.”


Clementine, Constanta, Romania

2nd & 3rd Grade English Teacher

“My daughter has really enjoyed the Ricardo Reading Mouse workbooks and YouTube clips.
It has encouraged and supported her learning. A great start to preschool learning.

Thank you.”


Nikita, Adelaide, Australia


“The Ricardo’s Alphabet Game board app was fantastic; it not only kept my daughter occupied but actually
improved her English.  If only there were more educational apps like this for preschool kids.”


Beng, Brisbane, Australia

Vowel Frames0006

“As a parent and an early childhood educator in the 2-5 years old sector for over 20 years, I would highly
recommend this app to parents and educators of children.

The app is easy to use, and clearly set out.
It is a fun way for children to enhance their learning and promote important developmental skills, catering to
both individual and group levels.”


Mrs Claire S, Brisbane, Australia

“I am the proud owner of Jitta Bug Learning Center which is a family child care home in Miami, Florida. I use Ricardo’s Alphabet songs and game board with my mixed age group of students. I work with children one years old to ten years old and they all enjoy the songs.


I also enjoy it because it takes something as hard as the alphabet and sounds and makes it fun and interesting. Every child loves to dance and sing and Ricardo’s does just that. Not to mention that Mrs. Melissa supports my school which is clear cross the world.


Some times when we communicate we both are in a different day because of the time difference and she is still there! She is an honorary Jitta Bug and will be receiving an award for her love and support at this year’s Graduation and Award Ceremony!


It is going to be a joy next school year to expose a new group of students to the magic of Ricardo’s Alphabet. We will be performing one of her songs at our graduation! And the VPK are marching to her Consonant March song. Thanks Mrs. Melissa for your products and support! ”



Adrienne Shawn Donaldson

Jitta Bug Professional Development – FFCCHA Area Rep 31 – FFCCHA Conference Exhibitor Chair

North Miami, Florida, USA


“My 3 youngest children absolutely love the Ricardo Reading mouse app.
With colourful graphics and easy to follow instructions it makes learning fun and easy.”


Ima, Salisbury, South Australia

Ricardo Songs

“My little one loves it!!
What a great app! The true test of an app is if your child asks to play it again and again! My little one keeps
coming back to this one time and time again. Excellent to have an Australian accent and a fun educational app.”


Monique, Brisbane, Australia

“I have been a primary school teacher for over 25 years and  I absolutely love The Ricardo Reading Mouse® Educational products. 

They are very bright, colourful and so much fun and are engaging for children to use. 


There is so much variety for parents or education providers to choose from with the posters, games, workbooks, cards, songs and with the apps children can learn to read anywhere – anytime. 

The Ricardo Reading Mouse® products are a definite must have for anyone who wants to put the fun back in for children learning to read.”


Jacqui  P,  Brisbane, Australia
BA Teach. Dip Ed.
BA Justice Studies


“What a great book!  

Original concept, visually engaging and useful for children to understand real and nonsense words.”


Marianne, Adelaide, Australia
Home schooling educator and mother of 8


“Thanks Melissa tested it (being Ricardo’s Alphabet Game Board app) on my six year old nephew…it was a hit… I think that says it all.

Well done and thank you for sharing.


I will be happy to share it amongst my family, friends and contacts.
Cheers Carmel”


 Carmel, Melbourne, Australia


“Hi, Melissa, Grate thanx you, My son’s name is Tatsuoki. That’s mean is Good Doragon. He is even
not know English character. So that book is good engagement to English.

Today, the book arrived. Thank you for the nice message. Please give my best regards
to your family. I saw that grid for the first time. It is interesting. I’m really thankful to you. Joko”



Tatsuoki, Aichen-ken, Japan 

6 years old

Ricardo Dad with book

“My daughter loves Ricardo Reading Mouse®, though she is not even 2 yet she loves to play Ricardo’s Alphabet Game Board and Ricardo’s at,et,it,ot,ut Grid.


She’s fascinated by what Ricardo can do and really enjoys the unlockable content as a reward. Of course she can use these apps with my assistance because she’s so young,
but it’s such a good activity for me to teach her and her to have a little play time while learning.
She loves to dance to the Ricardo’s ABC Songs and jump around. The longer the song, the
better because she just keeps saying ‘again’ when the songs are finished. She would watch
Ricardo all day if he had his own tv show.


There have been a few times when she has been screaming with a fever or really upset by something and just putting the Ricardo ABC songs
broke that distress and had calmed her down instantly. Having the songs accessible on YouTube is really handy because you can always put them on where ever you are, I’ve put mine in a playlist for her so it can go on loop.


The Ricardo mouse apps and songs are such a blessing to us. I’m so happy my daughter enjoys something so educational and learns while she is having a great time.”


Arlette, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


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