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Frequently Asked Questions 


For iPhone/iPad (iOS):


Thankfully, these common issues are usually easily fixed:


1. I can’t download or start my app!


Firstly, check the storage capacity on your device via settings to confirm you have enough space remaining on the device to download the app.


If not, make some room and try again! You might also like to re- start your device before trying again. See below for further restart instructions.


2. I have no sound!


After the app is fully started, check your volume is up. Then check the mute switch on the side of your device. It should be switched off. You might also like to restart your device:


For iPhone: hold the power button on top of the device until you see SLIDE TO POWER OFF, then power off and wait until it shuts down completely. After about 10 seconds, restart your device.


For iPad: at the same time press the hold and home buttons. Hold both buttons down together until the screen flashes and goes dark. Wait about 10 seconds and then restart the iPad by pressing the hold button until you see the Apple icon appear.

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