Pre-reading & Pre-writing

Designed with your child in mind.

Ricardo Reading Mouse®

Pre-reading & Pre-writing Resources

Introducing educationally-sound early years literacy resources to help children acquire essential pre-reading and pre-writing skills. These are invaluable building blocks when learning to read, write & spell confidently!

Great for at-home learning, playgroup, daycare or kindergarten


Ricardo’s Alphabet Gameboard app teaches uppercase & lowercase letter recognition.


Ricardo’s ABC Picture Book introduces letter names & sounds – great for this age!

Ricardo Games


A perfect way to help develop eye-hand co-ordination, memory & turn-taking abilities

Ricardo Songs


Sing, Dance, Clap! Ricardo Reading Mouse® Songs teach letter names and sounds.

Ricardo Workbooks


Odd One Out & Spot the Difference help develop important pre-reading & pre-writing visual skills


For parents & children on Learning with Ricardo Reading Mouse® Youtube Channel

Fun, Fun Fun!

A real time saver too!


Christine P

Just what I needed, thank you!


Sara J

A review given for Ricardo’s SNAP, a download & print card game (used in early childhood primarily with students on the autism spectrum) 

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Ricardo's Alphabet Game Board app - IOS & Android

Learn the ABCs with Ricardo Reading Mouse® ABC Picture Book

'Download & Print' Games - matching pairs, snap, flash card & bingo

ABC letter names and sounds downloadable MP3 songs!

'Download & Print' Visual Skills workbooks - suitable for early years!

Sarah, Guangchou, China

Sarah, Guangchou, China

Enjoying learning her ABCs with Ricardo Reading Mouse® ABC Picture Book

Enjoying Ricardo Reading Mouse® Guangzhou, China

Enjoying Ricardo Reading Mouse® Guangzhou, China

Spending time doing pencil/crayon and paper activities at a young age is vital to assist a child’s development of visual-motor or eye-hand co-ordination skills which are extremely important for children at school, when they need to read and copy text from the board or a book and not lose their place when either reading or writing.

Stephen, Adelaide, Australia

Stephen, Adelaide, Australia

Stephen learning his letter sounds and names with Ricardo’s ABC Picture Book!

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