Learn the ABCs with Ricardo Reading Mouse® 26 Letters of the English Alphabet ABC Picture Book


Full Colour ABC Picture Book

Beautifully illustrated, educationally-sound ABC Picture Book teaching letter recognition of the initial letter sounds, letter names and letter shapes, in both upper and lowercases for all 26 letters of the English Alphabet.  Perfect to read together with your toddler/child at home or for use by caregivers and educators in a daycare, playgroup or kindergarten setting.

ISBN: 9781925732757
Learn the ABCs with Ricardo Reading Mouse®: 26 Letters of the English Alphabet Full Colour A-Z Picture Book

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Ricardo Reading Mouse® delights children as they learn their 26 English Alphabet letter names, beginning or initial sounds and letter forms/shapes of both upper and lower case letters.  There are two vibrant and engaging illustrations per letter, each starting with the initial or beginning sound of the letter!

Why buy my ABC Picture Book?  What makes it different from others out there?

  • It introduces children to the concept of the alphabet code ie. that a specific squiggle or shape on a page means something and represents a sound (or on occasion more than one sound) in a word when reading and has a name which is used when spelling and writing.
  • As this book is designed for younger children and toddlers, it only introduces the initial or beginning letter sounds which are perfect to start with for young learners. eg. the initial sound for the the letter 'C' says 'c' for cat NOT 'c' for circus or cent which is an 's' sound.
  • Introduces ONLY the 5 short vowel sounds of the English language, which is important as in most early years' curriculums, the beginning words that are taught for reading, writing and spelling are all comprised of short vowel 3-letter word family rhyming words like cat, hat, mat, sat etc.
  • These short vowel 3-letter CVC ( Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words ONLY use short vowels so too does my ABC Picture Book, preparing young children to be aware of and know the initial or short vowel letter sounds so that they are ready to learn to read using these short vowel sounds in the beginning reader words without introducing long vowel sounds and other more complex vowel sounds in the English language. eg. using the words 'apple' and 'ant' introduces only the initial or short vowel sound of the letter 'A' saying 'a' rather than using words that use the long vowel or more complex sounds that the letter 'A' makes.
  • Aligns with Early Years Learning Framework, Australian English Foundation Curriculum Strands and other overseas English curriculums, click here for more info
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