Online Course for Educators

'Handwriting Automaticity Matters!'

Please ENROL now to join this self-paced, short online course for busy educators!  It is designed to equip and empower you with simple, evidence-based strategies to help you support your students to improve their handwriting & overall literacy skills.

Discover why teaching handwriting in this digital age is still relevant and what handwriting automaticity is and its benefits for your students in regards to not only improving handwriting but their reading fluency, spelling and overall written communication skills.

I share invaluable, easy to apply 'tried & tested' strategies to integrate automated handwriting instruction and practice into your busy classroom without added stress and enable you to still fulfill your curriculum requirements.

You will learn how best to support your student's/child's ability to learn to read, write & spell - with confidence & joy - with minimal prep and next to no ongoing costs!  Definitely don't need to photocopy hundreds of pages of worksheets per student!

PURCHASE course today  - great value PD at only AUD $129.00 (inc GST) and receive:


2. Certificate of completion for 1.5 hours of PD!

The course takes about 90-100 minutes to complete and you can say goodbye to:

*endless late nights googling for 'easy prep' handwriting improvement ideas/activites/workbooks/handouts etc;

*the stress & overwhelm of wondering how to best help your students who are stuggling to improve their handwriting, reading and spelling!

*feeling guilty or regretful when agonising about whether or not to put handwriting aside and hope they learn to touch type quickly  - as now you will be equipped and empowered with an understanding of how beneficial automated, functional handwriting is to your students and you will be able to help them using easy, engaging, evidence-informed strategies for practice at home and in class.

Keen to learn more CLICK HERE now!  Looking forward to welcoming you!

Course registration is now open!

Register today and get started on this invaluable professional development training to benefit you and your students for years to come!

Online Course for Parents/Carers

'Let's Get School Ready!'

Is a self-paced, short online course for parents & carers, designed to help you prepare your child at home, in the early years, with the skills needed to learn to read, write & spell confidently, when they enter school!

Discover how movement & play-based learning together with the simplicity of reading, singing, listening and talking to your child, all provide such a precious foundation for life-long learning!

I share invaluable, low-cost, easy to do, developmentally-based tips and tricks to best support your child's ability to learn to read, write & spell - with confidence & joy!

Join now (takes only 3-4 hours to complete) and say goodbye to:

*endless late nights googling for 'easy prep' ideas to do with your toddler or young child!

*the stress & overwhelm of wondering how to best help your child before they get to school!

*feeling compelled to break the bank with expensive toys - learn how to opt instead for super-engaging, easy to use, low-cost loose parts play items

Keen to learn more click here now!  Looking forward to welcoming you!


Enrol in 'Let's Get School Ready! today and get started straight away!

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