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I am Melissa, a happily married, mother of 5 gorgeous children and Paediatric Occupational Therapist living in Queensland, Australia – halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast!!  I love to see children joyously discovering how things work around them and blossoming as they learn.


I have been working with children in my own private practice since 2004. In recent years, (in my spare time!!) I have been researching and working on developing an Australian series of literacy resources, designed primarily for 3-8 year old children.   They can be used in the classroom and/or at home, for both English First and ESL.   


I am thrilled to have opportunity to be sharing them with children all over the world, and for parents, educators and therapists, who are looking for excellent quality, educationally sound products, my new company, “Hosanna’ Triumphant Shout Children Pty Ltd is producing a growing range of beautifully designed learn to read, write and spell resources for you.


Enjoy our Ricardo Reading Mouse®

 *Apps   *Books   *Games   *Songs   *Videos   *And lots more!

A wonderful dedicated team of people have contributed with excellence, to the production of these resources.  Thank you all so much!  I appreciate all you have done.


I am really excited about the recent release of our revolutionary, new and unique phonics-based Ricardo’s English Word Grid™ System!!  Be sure to check out our published print and e-book ‘Learn to Read and Spell with Ricardo’s English Word Grid™ Volume 1 Reference Book’ and related Ricardo’s Grid apps in our Products section. 


I trust you and the beautiful children in your care will be thrilled as they learn with Ricardo Reading Mouse®.  New resources will regularly be added so stay tuned.

I would love to hear from you with any photos, drawings, comments or suggestions,  so please drop me a line via our contact us section.   


(Please note: for overseas book orders it would be my joy to assist you,  please include your country and volume of books required so that I can send you a separate customised quote.)


Thank you!!

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