School Readiness in 10-15mins a day?

Is your child ready to enter school and learn to read, write & spell confidently?

Do you spend time talking, singing, playing and reading together with your baby, toddler or kindergartener preparing them for life-long learning and their transition into formal schooling?

Low-cost, simple ways to spend quality time…

I understand that sometimes it can all get too much or seem too hard to go beyond the ‘work-sleep-meals-chores’ daily grind to know where to start or what to do, to spend quality time.

Be encouraged! Most children just absolutely love to hang out with their Mumma and Dadda and they love to learn from you!

You are your child’s first teacher, coach and cheerleader!

There are so many wonderfully simple things that you can do together with your child in the early years to help prepare their brains & bodies for formal learning.

As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and home-educating mother of 5 children, I have spent many years offering professional and personal guidance & support to families.

I understand most of you, are often too busy or overwhelmed to sift through all the ‘good’ & ‘bad’ info that is out there!

Practical, Proven & Play-based Strategies

So, on your behalf, I have taken time to collate a short 3-4 hour online course to empower you, as parents and carers with low-cost, easy to do, evidence-informed activities that can be done in 10-15mins a day, with little to no prep or financial outlay!

The strategies & activities I share can help your child’s growth and development in many areas like listening, following instructions, turn-taking, balance & co-ordination, to name just a few, all of which are also beneficial in preparing your child to learn to read, write and spell with confidence!

Click here to find out more or purchase the ‘Let’s Get School Ready!’ course for only $39!

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