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15+ Years of Experience

Experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapist working part-time in my own private practice since 2004; long term home-educating mum of 5 children; children’s book author; and enjoy presenting at various training events for parents, educators and therapists.

Passion & Dedication

I desire to see children blossom by providing support, both professionally and personally to children of all ages and abilities, their families, educators and significant others, and to engage, encourage, equip and empower them to lead satisfying & fulfilling lives.

Events with you in mind!

I love to arrange and co-ordinate various evidence-based CPD events, both online and in-person for parents, carers, educators, teachers, librarians and therapists, often with a global audience – and currently co-admin several handwriting-specific closed FB groups.

Learning to handwrite with Ricardo Reading Mouse®

Current Handwriting Resources

In my clinical work, I have a great interest in the area of handwriting as I have worked with many children over the past 17 years, who struggle in this area.

Teaching children to form their letters correctly from the outset, when they are initially learning to handwrite, is extremely important.

Handwriting is a complex cognitive motor skill which requires explicit instruction and practice to master confidently.

I have received referrals for many students who can not correctly form their letters, and as they are so focused on trying to recall the form of the letters, this then impacts upon their overall literacy skills and can affect their ability to punctuate and add correct grammar or spelling.

As we know, research evidence supports the fact that handwriting greatly helps the development of reading and spelling abilities and when letter formation speed, accuracy and automaticity or fluency improves then so too, do the above mentioned literacy skills.

To provide support and guidance for children in my home state of Queensland Australia, I have developed an engaging, animated ‘Handwriting is Fun’ video tutorial series, please scroll down to see the links for these on my Learning with Ricardo Reading Mouse® Youtube Channel.

Please stay tuned for handwriting games and workbooks coming in the future!


Fantastic resource!

It is great to have motivating technology supports available for teaching correct letter formation with Queensland children. I have added these videos as examples of the use of technology to teach the skill of handwriting (an evidence-informed practice!) in my professional learning workshops that I lead for OTs / teachers/parents etc.


Helen McLennan, Occupational Therapist & Teacher


I'm writing to say thank you

…………..for putting together such a concise and comprehensive overview of handwriting & CO-OP.  The PD was insightful and I very much appreciated the very strong emphasis on evidence-based interventions.

I’ve already seen the flow-on effects into my own practice and education I provide to parents regarding grasps and handwriting practice.


R. G, Occupational Therapist, Australia

Thought Provoking

Thanks for a very informative evidence-based session. It was interesting and thought-provoking.


Jean, Occupational Therapist, Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much!

The Handwriting & CO-OP evidence to practice webinar has been one of the most valuable CPD sessions I have done in awhile and it is so wonderful to have it at an accessible time and format.

Is there any other opportunities coming up in the future?  I would love to engage in any other online sessions that you have planned.  Thank you so much.


Katherine, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Australia

Queensland Beginner Font Handwriting Tutorial Videos

To provide support and guidance for children in my home state of Queensland, in Australia, where the Queensland Beginner Font is taught in our education system, I have developed a short, engaging, animated 'Handwriting is Fun' video series, freely available for viewing on my Learning with Ricardo Reading Mouse® Youtube Channel.

It teaches the correct letter formation of all 26 letters in the English Alphabet. Thus far, only the lowercase letters have been released, via 3 short handwriting tutorial videos: Letters a-g; Letters h-p and Letters q-z.

Great for lessons at home or school!

Pre-writing Games & Workbooks

Not quite ready to learn to handwrite…?

Ricardo Reading Mouse® pre-reading and pre-writing resources are designed to provide support for a child’s skill development in this area.

Our current range includes games and workbooks designed to assist development of eye-hand co-ordination, fine motor skills, motor planning, listening skills, following instructions, turn taking and letter name, initial letter-sound association and letter formation/shape recognition skills which in turn, help develop their ability to learn to read, write & spell confidently when they enter school!

Reading, writing and spelling requires the use of both eyes to track simultaneously following letters and words across the page or board together with the arms, hands & wrists when writing and this is, of course, a complex cognitive-motor skill.

We all value the importance that handwriting plays in the  overall development of effective literacy abilities and being an OT, I can’t emphasise enough how essential movement & play-based learning is to a child’s overall health, well-being and their readiness to make the school transition.

Use at home, playgroup, daycare or kindergarten.

Visual Skills Workbooks

Ricardo’s Bingo

Ricardo’s Snap Cards

Online Courses

'Let's Get School Ready'

Is a self-paced, short online course for parents & carers, designed to help you prepare your child at home, in the early years, with the skills needed to learn to read, write & spell confidently, when they enter school!

Discover how movement & play-based learning together with the simplicity of reading, singing, listening and talking to your child, all provide such a precious foundation for life-long learning!

I share invaluable, low-cost, easy to do, developmentally-based tips and tricks to best support your child's ability to learn to read, write & spell - with confidence & joy!

Join now (takes only 3-4 hours to complete) and say goodbye to:

*endless late nights googling for 'easy prep' ideas to do with your toddler or young child!

*the stress & overwhelm of wondering how to best help your child before they get to school!

*feeling compelled to break the bank with expensive toys - learn how to opt instead for super-engaging, easy to use, low-cost loose parts play items

Keen to learn more click here now!  Looking forward to welcoming you!

On Sale

Buy 'Let's Get School Ready! Short Course: AUD $39 (inc GST)

Ricardo in young hands, hearts & minds!

Thank you to all of you, who have been enjoying learning:  ABC letter sounds, letter names and letter shapes with Ricardo Reading Mouse® apps, books, games, songs and videos and those reinforcing their learning of the short vowel 3-letter rhyming word families’ words using my uniquely designed word grid apps and book- and also those using my ‘download & print’ pre-reading and pre-writing card games and workbooks.

It is always a joy, to hear good reports coming in from all over the world!  Please continue to send in your photos, testimonies and Ricardo Reading Mouse® colouring ins!.

Sarah, Guangchou, China

Sarah, Guangchou, China

Enjoying learning her ABCs with Ricardo Reading Mouse® ABC Picture Book.

Rachel & Maria, Brisbane, Australia

Rachel & Maria, Brisbane, Australia

Tummy time reading at Logan City Council Library whilst enjoying Ricardo Reading Mouse® books, which are both available for loan at Logan City Council and Brisbane City Council Libraries! (children are reading whilst lying under My Burrow® Sensory Learning Tool)

Stephen, Adelaide, Australia

Stephen, Adelaide, Australia

Stephen learning his letter sounds and names with Ricardo's ABC Picture Book!

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