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Make learning all 26 English Alphabet letter names, their initial or beginning letter sounds and correct letter formations simple with Ricardo Reading Mouse® resources. Designed to help support your child’s ability to learn to read, write & spell confidently!

Research indicates that nurturing and developing a child’s oral language skills, in the early years prior to school, greatly underpins a child’s ability to learn to read, write and spell when they enter school – which of course makes great sense!

Children are never too young for you to begin reading and singing to them!

We have designed some great ABC resources to get you started or to add to your existing stash – check them out below!

Great for at-home learning, daycare, playgroup, kindergarten or preschool

At home or in class!


Ricardo’s Alphabet Gameboard app teaches uppercase & lowercase letter recognition.


Ricardo’s ABC Picture Book introduces letter names & sounds – great for this age!

Ricardo Games


A perfect way to help develop eye-hand co-ordination, memory & turn-taking abilities

Ricardo Songs


Sing, Dance, Clap! Ricardo Reading Mouse® Songs teach letter names and sounds.

Ricardo Workbooks


Odd One Out & Spot the Difference help develop important reading & writing visual skills


For parents & children on Learning with Ricardo Reading Mouse® Youtube Channel

My little one loves it!!

‘My little one loves it!!  What a great app! (Ricardo’s Alphabet Game Board – Apple & IOS)


Monique, Parent, Brisbane, Australia

'My kids loved playing this game.!'

‘My kids loved playing this game.!’


Amanda T.

(a review for Ricardo’s ‘Short Vowels Go Fish Card Game’ – a download & print resource

I enjoyed the 'Let's Get School-Ready!' course

I enjoyed the ‘Let’s Get School-Ready! course very much. I think there were a lot of useful tips for parents of young children.


Sharyn, Parent, Greenbank, Queensland, Australia

Shop ABC Learning Resources

Ricardo's Alphabet Game Board App

ABC Picture Book

ABC Poster Bundle


ABC Songs

ABC Skills Workbooks

Abigail, Salisbury, Australia

Abigail, Salisbury, Australia

Enjoying learning her ABCs with Ricardo Reading Mouse® ABC Picture Book

Rachel, Logan City, Australia

Rachel, Logan City, Australia

Learning using the 'Vowel Catch' Uppercase letters lesson in Ricardo's Alphabet Gameboard app!

Crystallyn, Adelaide, Australia

Crystallyn, Adelaide, Australia

Enjoying learning her ABCs with Ricardo Reading Mouse® ABC Picture Book & Ricardo's Alphabet Game Board app!

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