Ricardo’s Alphabet Game Board app

Ricardo Reading Mouse® is sure to delight children, as they enjoy learning their ABCs with him, in three, beautifully illustrated, educationally-based games, which incorporate essential early literacy or pre-reading skills in a safe, supportive and fun way.  As children interact with Ricardo in Ricardo’s Alphabet Game Board app they will meet the 26 letters of the English Alphabet and learn their initial sounds, letter names and uppercase and lowercase letter forms/shapes.


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Key Learning Aspects

  1. recognise letter shapes and sounds;
  2. recall letter names and sounds and
  3. identify and remember the initial letter-sound associations of the entire 26 letters

Overview of the Three App Games

Hidden Letters – find the correct alphabet letters as they play hide and seek

Vowel Catch – help vowel characters catch matching kites

I Hear – help Ricardo jump across the river rocks by matching letters and sounds

As a new family-owned company launching into this space, Ricardo’s Alphabet Game Board, is the first app in a series of apps, so it is a very exciting time.  It was developed, by Melissa Savonoff, who is a mother of 5 and a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, specifically for children under 6, and also for older children who are struggling with their learning.

The importance of children needing a healthy balance of screen time and active play time is also extremely significant to Melissa, so games and rewards have been carefully designed to serve as a gentle reminder to children of how much fun it is to put their device down and engage in safely supervised active play like flying a kite, using a scooter or pogo stick, leaping & jumping, enjoying nature play or playing hide & seek.

Important App Features

  1. No in-app purchases or live streaming
  2. locked parent section with additional info and links to our support website and youtube channel.

Your support is very much appreciated and we are very keen to hear your comments/feedback on our press release and look forward to the honour of having our app reviewed by you too. Thank you!


Additional information

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2 to 4 Years, 4 to 6 Years


Foundation, Kindergarten, Pre K, Pre-school, Prep, Year 1


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