Alphabet Series Workbook 1: 26 Letters of the English Alphabet



Letter Names and Sounds

Learn the 26 letter names and initial letter sounds of the English Alphabet in this engaging activity workbook. It also provides an introduction to both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Simple instructions, very easy to follow

Total pages: 56 pages

Level: Pre-K & Kindergarten, Pre-school, Foundation, Prep, Year 1

Recommended age: 4-6 yo

Being an Occupational therapist, I have worked for years with children of varying ages, both those able to write and those not quite old enough to handwrite or with handwriting difficulties, who are very ready to learn letter names and sounds but are yet unable or struggle when required to write them.

With that in mind, I have designed all activities in this workbook, to only require pre-handwriting skills, ie. the ability to draw a line to match an answer or draw a circle around the correct answer.  This will encourage those who are ready and wanting to learn their ABC letter names and initial letter sounds but won't frustrate them if they are not quite up to writing and correctly forming their letters.

Recommended for 4-6 yo, but suitable for all ages, who are ready and in need of learning their ABC letters and sounds – which is an essential foundation for developing confident early reading and spelling skills.

Great for in class or at home learning table top learning hubs or literacy centres.

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4 to 6 Years

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Foundation, Kindergarten, Pre-school, Prep, Year 1

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