ABC Songs with Ricardo Reading Mouse® Album



ABC Songs with Ricardo Reading Mouse® album includes four original songs. Children can sing, dance, clap, march and enjoy learning their ABCs, Consonants and Vowels!

Album length: 4 songs

Level: Toddlers, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Pre-school, Foundation, Prep, Year 1

Recommended Age: 2-6 yo


Unique, original compositions that are fun, engaging and educationally sound.  These children's early literacy songs will become favourites to play repeatedly at home or in the classroom to help children learn their ABCs, Consonants and Vowels.

Research supports the fundamental importance of using music and movement in learning and for memory retention when needing to recall this learnt information.

Suitable for 2-6 yo children – toddlers, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Pre-school, Foundation, Prep, Year 1

This album contains 4 Ricardo Reading Mouse® ABC Songs:

1. ConsonANTs March Song
2. Dancing Vowels Song - AEIOU That's My Name!
3. Ricardo's Alphabet Song - 26 Letters of the English Alphabet
4. Short Vowels in My Head

Wonderful resource for classroom, after-school, home education, remote learning and tutoring


Click here to download a FREE copy of all 4 song lyrics.

Individual Song Description

1. ConsonANT March Song 1:55

Join these gorgeous little ants, called ConsonANTS, as they march along together with the consonants of the English Alphabet.  Your toddler, kindergarten, preschool or school age child will enjoy this catchy brass instrument marching band song. Remembering these letters will be so much easier as they take on a letter and march along too.

2. Dancing Vowels Song - AEIOU, That's My Name! 0:46

What's a dancing vowel? Listen and learn with Ricardo, as these cute little vowels break out in dance!!  You will want to sing and dance along with your toddler, kindergarten, preschool or school age child too.  Great fun for all the family or classroom!!

3. Ricardo’s Alphabet Song – 26 Letters of the English Alphabet  0:56

Learning the alphabet is a joy - encourage your toddler, kindergarten, preschool or school age child to sing along to Ricardo's Alphabet Song and they will learn the 26 letters of the English Alphabet in no time at all!!  It will be a breeze.   Click here to go to the parents page and then scroll down and sign up to receive our FREE Ricardo ABC full colour desktop poster!

4. Short Vowels in My Head 1:24

This brilliant song teaches the 5 short vowel sounds of the English Alphabet.  In this song, children learn the short vowel sounds associated with the beginning of words like 'a' for apple, 'e' for egg, 'i' for igloo, 'o' for orange and 'u' for umbrella.

Phonics-based programs for learning to read are very well supported with evidence-based research.  Using this song as a resource in your classroom, at home or for tutoring will definitely help support your child or student to learn to read and spell using a phonics-based approach.  I trust you will be very surprised by how simply and quickly children will retain their short vowel sounds as they sing, dance and learn using this gorgeous little song.

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1 to 2 Years, 2 to 4 Years, 4 to 6 Years

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Foundation, Kindergarten, Pre K, Pre-school, Prep, Year 1

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