Ricardo’s Letter N Word Grid™ app

Learn to read & spell 34 ‘an,en,in,on,un’ 3-letter word family words with songs, interactive lessons and rewards

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In Ricardo’s Letter N Word Grid™ app, 34 short vowel 3-letter English words, are introduced to children, in an engaging and interactive way using Ricardo’s English Word Grid™ phonics-based learning system.

It is unique and revolutionary in education, as each word is taught in a very organised and systematic way.

All 34 words are simply referenced or grouped in two ways:

  1. Horizontally, by the onset or first letter beginning sound in the word, ie. when reading across the grid, a child will learn to read and spell all the words in that row that start with that specific letter, like ‘b’ for ban, Ben, bin, bon-bon and bun and;
  2. Vertically, by the rime or word family word ending, ie when reading down the grid, a child will learn to read and spell the words that belong to a specific rhyming word family, like ban, can and Dan;

The app relates to Chapter 5 of my children's book,  ‘Learn to Read and Spell with Ricardo’s English Word Grid™ Volume 1 Reference Book’ where the Letter N Meets the Short Vowels to make 34 ‘an, en, in, on, un’ rhyming words.

Excellent for teaching ESL and relates to Foundation and Year 1 Level Content Descriptions in the Australian English Curriculum.


  1. Songs - 2 original 'an, en, in, on, un' upbeat songs
  2. Lessons - beginner level 1 and an advanced level 2. Four lessons use the word grid system and one lesson uses all 34 words on flash cards. You will note, the word 'fan' has two images signifying the different types of fans available; and that there is a lesson note for the words 'son' and 'won' where 'on' is pronounced 'un' in both of these words;
  3. Rewards - children complete lessons to earn cheeses to purchase colouring-ins, Ricardo animations or memory card games.

Children will be thoroughly immersed with ample opportunities to develop their ability to read, write and spell all 34 short vowel 3-letter ‘an, en, in, on, un' words in the English language.

Important to Note:

  1. The app is part of a phonics-based learning system providing lots of opportunity, for children to practice and further develop their early literacy skills – letter recognition, letter-sound association, onset and rime word building and decoding skills. There is excellent research supporting how important phonics-based programs are for learning to read successfully.
  2. There is no in-app purchases or live streaming as I am extremely aware of your child’s online safety and protection.
  3. A healthy balance of ‘screen’ time with “active play time” is encouraged? How you ask?

Check out the Ricardo Animation Rewards section.  In each animation, Ricardo is doing something active as a gentle reminder to children of the fun, they can have when they simply enjoy running, flying a kite, playing hopscotch and watching bugs.

Movement-based activities, are important for promoting the development of eye-hand co-ordination and fine motor skills which are essential for successful reading, writing and spelling.

  1. Children will enjoy exploring the interactive touch events throughout the app ie. word family musical characters, marching characters and various animals and toys next to the word grids in each lesson.

NB: Due to screen size issues, the touch events, next to the word grids, in the lessons section are disabled for ipads.

We trust children all over the world will enjoy learning their 3-letter 'an,en,in,on,un' rhyming word family words using this app and book together.

We would love to hear from you!

Ricardo Reading Mouse, his character and RRM logo are all registered trademarks.

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