Movement Breaks & Early Literacy Skill Development!

Have you been wondering how movement breaks benefit your child’s learning and can actually help prepare your child to learn to ‘read, write & spell’ confidently?

Well, I was reminded today of a 7 min video that I have on Youtube where I briefly share some of these ideas. I have added the link below for you to enjoy!

Super simple, low cost & proven!

In this 7 min video, (watch now) you will learn about the benefits of movement breaks or activities that incorporate playing with balls and making and playing ‘in, on, under and around’ obstacle courses and cubbies. 

They are simple and inexpensive to set up, children love them and they are fun!

I share some simple tips on what sized balls to use and how to use them indoors and outdoors with your child; and how they can benefit children’s development for many years to come!

Tune in now and hear how these simple activities can benefit your child’s ‘reading, writing and spelling’ abilities too!

Love to hear how it goes, so please feel free to let me know.

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