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Queensland Beginner Font Learning Cards

This set of learning cards can be used a variety of ways – be creative, have fun and see your child’s/students’ early literacy confidence soar as their letter-sound knowledge improves!


Our written language is a code for our spoken language.   The letters shapes or symbols represent or depict sounds!

Cracking the code, is simply learning these associations and developing an automaticity when manipulating or using both our written and spoken language.

These cards can be used laminated or not to:

1. Learn the sounds by placing counters on the specific sound required to match a spoken sound, a sound in a word or the beginning sound of an item, encouraing an understanding that as both an uppercase or lowercase letter the sound remains the same in words;

2. Learning to identify and match uppercase and its corresponding lowercase letter by placing counters on them or circling them;

3. Learning to write the letters by initialy tracing over them, then copying them onto paper, whiteboard etc and then progressing to writing them freely.

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